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Educity & International College Healthcare

Educity & International College

  • Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed)
  • University of Southampton Malaysia Campus (USMC)
  • University of Reading Malaysia (JoRM)
  • Raffles University Iskandar
  • Kolej MDIS Malaysia
  • Multimedia University (MMU)
  • Marlborough College Malaysia (MCM)
  • LINK International School
  • Sunway International School
  • Raffles American School (RAS)
  • Stellar International School
  • IDRISSI International School


Subdivision for Healthcare Medical Tourism: Malaysia has been a popular destination for medical tourism due to its well-regarded medical facilities, skilled medical professionals, and comparatively lower costs for certain medical procedures. This could also apply to Iskandar Puteri, which is a part of a growing economic zone.

Facilities and Services: In Iskandar Puteri, you might find hospitals, clinics, general practitioners, specialists, pharmacies, and diagnostic centers. The availability of specific services may vary.